This is the place to download your favourite samples. They are sorted by style, such as Rock and House. By clicking on a sample it will be downloaded automatically. The samples are in .wav and .mp3 form. The .wav files are in 22.050 khz and 8 bit stereo, the mp3 files in 44.100 khz and 16bit stereo. The .wav files are compressed because of the size of the files, but there's not much difference between the quality of the samples. The samples are copyright free for personal use only! New samples got the text: !NEW! behind the filename.

If you click on 'Listen' you can hear the sample first before you download it. All previews are in .wav format and the quality is less than the normal samples you can download, otherwise it's to big for a preview. The quality from the samples is: 11.025 Khz and 8 bit Stereo. Not all previews work. Big sample / preview files don't work because the size is to big.

You may upload your own created samples. For more information, go to the Upload Area

You have 2 links to download the samples. If one of the two is down, you can always try the other download link. Mirror 1 is the Geocities mirror, Mirror 2 is the mirror. If you want to download the samples to your hard disk, rightclick on download and select 'save as'

Currently 766 samples

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